Zeres realizes value through long-term hands-on active ownership

Meticulous analysis and a private equity style due diligence process, resulting in industrially geared value creation plans for a select few companies, are together with governance positions integral parts of Zeres’ activist investment strategy. We target a portfolio of six to ten core holdings. Strategic and tactical advice is sourced on a case-by-case basis from a dynamic Nordic network of trusted industrial and financial advisers.

Zeres invests in companies with proven business models that offer significant potential for long-term, industrially focused value creation. Zeres accumulates a deep understanding of the selected company and the industry in which it operates. A core part of the process is to identify how long-term shareholder value will be created.

Zeres’ collaborative active ownership style is executed by working consistently and constructively with management, board of directors, and other major shareholders in order to unlock value for investors.

  1. Industrial & Financial Advisers

  2. Investors

  3. Major Shareholders Board of Directors Management Team